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Thank you for your continued support of our business.   We have been doing taxes since 1950 and have 4th generation tax preparers.  This is due in part to the continued support of our wonderful clients and there families.  Thank you for telling your friends and family about our family business.  We work hard for you.

Gracias por continuar  apoyando  a nuestro negocio.  Hemos estado preparando impuestos desde 1950 y tenemos la 4ta  generacion de preparadores de impuestos.  Esto se debe en parte a que nuestros clientes maravillosos  y sus familias nos segan apoyando.  Gracias por decirle a sus amigos y familiares  sobre nuestro negocio familiar. Trabajamos duro para uste.

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Why Use a Paid Preparer

Benefits of Using a Paid Preparer With so many do-it-yourself tax programs available for sale, it’s a legitimate question to ask why you should hire a paid preparer when you can create and file a tax return on a home computer. Keep in mind that entering tax information into a computer program and making adjustments necessary to clear the program’s diagnostic error messages is no substitute for understanding tax law. The Internal Revenue Code and related Treasury Regulations contain over 10,000 pages of complicated provisions. Working with a tax professional who understands how the provisions affect your specific situation and how the rules interact can provide you with the best result on your tax return. Obtaining tax benefits is often a complex process involving properly executed and timely-filed elections. Simply entering amounts into an input program often leads to lost benefits. We find that in many cases we save new clients more than the cost of our services compared to returns they have prepared themselves. Proper reporting and filing can also help keep you off the IRS radar.